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Who Dat, Who Dat? @BCTF!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. & Bandidas <3 Teachers!


The Creaking Planks play at Bandidas tonight for Teacher Wednesday.

Haters gonna hate – we know that. But the outpouring of support, compassion and love for teachers that we’ve seen since the beginning of the strike has been truly inspiring. From walking the picket line and feeding teachers to donating money to their strike fund and showing up at rallies in the thousands, British Columbians have demonstrated - very clearly – that they are in solidarity with our teachers.

With the strike (hopefully) over, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and Bandidas Taqueria are celebrating teachers. Today they are both donating profits to @FamiliesFunding. Like last Wednesday, Bandidas will donate 100% of today’s profits to the BC Teachers Federation through The Creaking Planks will be on hand to entertain the  lineup.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. (Main St. location) will donate 50% of profits to teachers via @FamiliesFunding and 50% to hungry kids via  Strathcona Community Centre’s breakfast program. There will be sign making, selfie taking and general merriment from 5pm on.

This act of generosity is more than heartwarming: it shows that there’s a kinder, better way to do business. A way that shows love and gives back to the communities that sustain them. It shows that quality public education is valued by more than just teachers and parents, but by businesses too.

So if you’re hungry for great food and company - please share the love and head on over to either of these great neighbourhood joints.


#MacGyverADeal #MulletOfJustice

Best. Tweet. Eva. #bced

Best. Tweet. Eva. #bced

Ask an MLA: Tough Questions from Citizens Needed


#RaiseMyTaxesChristy! Peaceful #Rally4Arbitration at VAG Sept. 14, 2014

By Jessie Smith

I have called every single Liberal MLA. It took several hours over several days. I asked them polite but pointed questions. One of them even called me back and we spoke for more than 20 minutes. He tried to justify their undemocratic, mean positions – but I sweetly lobbied back each time!

Here’s a link to all their numbers if you want to give it a try. And here is a list of the kinds of things I asked – and that you might want to ask:

Ask them why they refuse to fund special needs education when they say that they are pro family?

Ask them why they say they’ll have to raise taxes to pay for a settlement when they have announced a low-ball $266 million surplus?

Ask them why they are not shy to use our tax dollars to fight and appeal losing court battles, but they refuse to put money into education.

Ask them why our teachers are the lowest paid in the country when ours is the most expensive province in the country.

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