Why are families funding BC’s teachers?

Ummmm… Because the BC Liberals won’t.

We’re giving our #40bucksaday back to the teachers!

You can help by pledging your financial support to teachers and their families too!

All monies are donated directly to the BC Teachers Federation PayPal account and will go to support the strike fund.

We want Christy Clark and her government to know that we stand in solidarity with BC’s teachers – and that we don’t want her bribe money. Premier Clark refuses to fund quality education for all BC kids. She says “we” can’t afford it. Yet she continues to shamelessly spend taxpayers’ money to battle  our teachers and bust their union. News flash, Christy: British Columbians support our teachers and demand a good education for our province’s children. If Premier Clark – not elected in her own riding in the last election – won’t do right by our kids and teachers – then we will.

Thanks in advance for your donation (HINT: BIG GREEN “DONATE” BUTTON to your right) and see you on the picket line!

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