#HatersGonnaHate but @FamiliesFunding spreads the love

Here at FamiliesFundingTeachers we get love letters. Here are some:

“My wife and I are teachers in the Surrey School District, and are starting to feel the financial pinch.  We are not asking for donations, but merely wanted to say how pleased we are that parents are becoming active in supporting teachers.  We really do work hard, and at times I am really disheartened by the horrible posts on some of the new forums.  I keep thinking people don’t value public education anymore.  Your group has helped me and my wife in this difficult time by lifting our spirits.  I hope more parents can do what your group is doing.  Thanks so much!” ~ Paul

Dear BC Teachers, First, thank you all for your brave and principled stand on behalf of the kids in this province! As someone who teaches at university, I get to see the ‘end product’ of your hard work. It definitely seems that class sizes and their compositions in the school system are not functioning well.” ~Nilima

“Thank you for supporting teachers in these difficult times :)” ~ Masoud

“A huge thank you for setting up the ‘families funding teachers’ website. We were talking about the need for this and then we heard about your site through CBC news today. We’ve just donated $320 – the government promised $40 a day for our two children for this week. And as a next step we’ll be promoting your site to our community list serve!” ~ Jayne & Jason

“I just wanted to say it isn’t just families on your side! A lot of single, young people support educations and teachers too–keep up the good work and keep up the fight for your rightfully earned money. Most people don’t realize how hard being a teacher is–but such realities aren’t lost on everyone :)” ~Mike

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support! It means so much to have the public understanding the reasons for the strike and fighting back against the government’s push to a privatized education system.” ~Claire

“Thank you sincerely for doing something to defend public education from purposeful legislative erosion by those that, for the most part, don’t use or need the service. The education of the next generation of people -ALL people- is majorly important.  Social evolution depends on it. Keep spreading the love! Again, my sincerest thanks!” ~Jason

“What a courageous thing you have done!!  It takes guts to do what you’re doing (I’m sure you’ve encountered a lot of opposition) and on behalf of all teachers, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” ~Christine

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