Far from greedy, we’ve found BC teachers to be a grateful, humble lot. Here are some of their love letters to #fft:

You are incredible – you are speaking out with strength and clarity against growing injustice, of which this attack on public education is a symptom. You understand that there is a larger agenda at work, and you are using your creative, visionary power to fight back. I salute you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m a teacher- I love my job and I love children. I believe their level of wealth and privilege should not determine whether or not they receive a quality education. Your website moved and inspired me! Rock on! ~ Joellen

We are two teachers helping to organize the picket lines at Vancouver schools and we wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of your fantastic support for BC teachers. Acts like this from members of the community mean SO MUCH to teachers and make a world of difference in keeping our spirits up and building solidarity. Your work is supporting both our bellies and our hearts! ~ Chloe & Jody

As a Vancouver teacher I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for all you are doing. As this dispute drags on morale can start to slide. The actions and support of individuals like you and countless others, parents and non-parents alike, are doing so much to strengthen our resolve as well as letting the government know this is not just the teachers’ battle. THANKYOU! ~ Brenda

My husband and I are proud teachers on the Sunshine Coast who have not seen public education in BC be so severely underfunded and undervalued in the 25 years we’ve been teaching. Thank you so much for your moral and financial support of teachers. I can’t say enough how uplifting it is to know that parents understand and care, and are willing to make a personal sacrifice to support teachers. Again, thank you!! ~ Jane

I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing. It means a lot. ~ Heidi

If I had money to donate …I surely would! Just like most other teachers in BC, we’re in the same boat…No money coming in and having to make ends meet as both of us are teachers with three teenagers and a mortgage to pay! We don’t have credit cards or a line of credit either…I know there are teachers in worse shape than us. We are getting more and more anxious, the longer this is getting dragged out. We are hoping and praying this come to an end real soon so we don’t lose our house! ~ Sincerely broke, Don

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