Thank you! As a teacher, I cannot believe how amazing the support has been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and coming up with something so giving, so loving, so selfless. I'm crying. ~ Andraya

“Thank you! As a teacher, I cannot believe how amazing the support has been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and coming up with something so giving, so loving, so selfless. I’m crying.” ~ Andraya

Part of the reason we started @FamiliesFunding was to show BC teachers that we are in solidarity with them – that we love and support them and will stand behind them – no matter what. And our teachers are feeling the love:

To all of you amazing parents behind the Families Funding Teachers initiative, I wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks.  I have been teaching for many years and have always welcomed parents to help in my classroom so that they can see what their children do all day and for them to be a part of their children’s learning experiences.  The benefits to everyone (students, parents, teachers) involved are evident when we come together to learn.  I believe that those strong relationships are so important and we must continue to foster this in our communities.  I am so impressed with your initiative and the amazing support we are getting from you.  Thank you for caring about public education, a fundamental right that we seem to have to fight for.” ~ Chantal

I am a teacher in Nanaimo. I am SO moved by what you are doing for teachers. We don’t get a lot of positive feedback in teaching so your incredibly kind actions mean so much to all of us. We are going through a very difficult time with this strike but there is always a silver lining to tough times. You are one of the silver lining highlights. You are a great role model for your children and for everyone in our province. You are making such a BOLD statement and taking such significant action. I am welling up with tears thinking of the deep love that you are demonstrating for an under appreciated group of great people. In years to come you will think back proudly to this proactive stance that you have taken in this dispute. Your actions are most appreciated!!” ~ Lauren

Thank you for your support of public education and its teachers. The images on your site have brought me tears of joy and renewed my strength to stand up for what we know is right.  Thank you for thinking… thinking about the messages that government keeps repeating, and repeating and repeating, spreading a me-first agenda where a little monetary fear mongering might buy a few more votes. Thank you for making sacrifices that will benefit all the children of British Columbia as we teachers are more than willing to do also…. because it matters!” ~ Alison

Although I just retired, I want to thank you for supporting teachers.  It was very inspiring to see you on TV, talking in support of what teachers believe is necessary to do in order  to maintain the quality of public education.  I was unaware of your website and thrilled to learn about what you have organized to show support for teachers.  I know this means a lot to my colleagues and my son who decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps.  He is looking forward to returning to the classroom in his 2nd year of teaching. Thanks!” ~ Dianne

Thank you for creating your website and for your heartfelt belief in public education and in teachers! It’s a nice change from the teacher bashing and I hope you all know that many of us teach in the public system because we love being a part of an inclusive community. The strike is incredibly emotionally stressful and your actions and words are sunshine for the soul.” ~ Katharine

Thank you so very much for both the incredible kindness that prompted this site, and then the work it took to bring it to fruition. Your support touches every teacher’s heart, and the money will be a lifesaver for so many.” ~ Suzanne

I am a BC teacher who  will not be needing your support since my husband is currently paying the bills, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the efforts that you have made on behalf of BC teachers.  When we are out on the picketline in difficult situations like this, it really helps to know that there are other people out there who care deeply about education in BC and are not afraid to say so.  Your work has been an inspiration.” ~ Bonnie

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