Ask an MLA: Tough Questions from Citizens Needed


#RaiseMyTaxesChristy! Peaceful #Rally4Arbitration at VAG Sept. 14, 2014

By Jessie Smith

I have called every single Liberal MLA. It took several hours over several days. I asked them polite but pointed questions. One of them even called me back and we spoke for more than 20 minutes. He tried to justify their undemocratic, mean positions – but I sweetly lobbied back each time!

Here’s a link to all their numbers if you want to give it a try. And here is a list of the kinds of things I asked – and that you might want to ask:

Ask them why they refuse to fund special needs education when they say that they are pro family?

Ask them why they say they’ll have to raise taxes to pay for a settlement when they have announced a low-ball $266 million surplus?

Ask them why they are not shy to use our tax dollars to fight and appeal losing court battles, but they refuse to put money into education.

Ask them why our teachers are the lowest paid in the country when ours is the most expensive province in the country.

Ask them if THEY would ever sign on to a clause that made any court decisions in their favour null and void.

Ask them how underfunding education is good for the economy.

Ask them why our children receive $1000 less than the national average for their education.

And don’t forget to ask them why they refuse to go to arbitration and yet put no new offers on the table.

If they say we can’t afford it, tell them to rescind some tax cuts. Leave your name and phone number. Ask for answers. They can dismiss us when we get mad on the phone, but I think we are more powerful when we are polite and ask reasonable questions that force them to justify their outrageous behaviour. Then they cannot ignore us.

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