The BC Liberals evidently need to be schooled on the subject of the importance of a well-funded public school system that provides quality education for all students.

We’d love to publish a selfie of you holding a sign explaining to Christy Clark why you are donating her bribe money to the BCTF strike fund. Or any message, really, that you’d like to get across to the people with the power to end this strike. It’d be great if kids wrote their own messages too.

So, make your donation (it’s the BIG GREEN “DONATE” BUTTON to the right), then email your selfie to

If you include your name, region and any other details you like, we’ll include that stuff too.

And if you want to post it to Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag: #familiesfundingteachers

The idea of the sign-holding selfie is an internet meme that has been used to  humourous effect as well as more seriously.