Families Funding Teachers is a website to show support for BC’s striking teachers.

Parents are wise to Premier Christy Clark’s antagonistic - and expensive - tactics when it comes to dealing with BC’s teachers. We aren’t fooled or mollified by her offer of $40/day. We want our kids in school – not day care.We want our teachers paid well and fairly. We want our students who need extra help to get it. We demand quality public education for our children. They deserve nothing less.

Parents wishing to regift their $40/day bribe money can do so easily by clicking the BIG GREEN “DONATE” BUTTON to the right. All money goes to the PayPal account of the BC Teacher’s Federation, and will be directed toward their strike fund.

Concerned citizens and members of the public can donate too! No amount is too small :).

Because if the BC government won’t support BC’s teachers, who will?

We will.